The Executive will support the Marine / Safety Superintendent
Responsibilities :

  • Company Security Officer (CSO) as per ISPS code, for vessels' assigned
  • Attend to shipboard visits / inspections / surveys as per Company's policy and submit written reports to the Marine / Safety Manager
  • Issue necessary instructions pertaining to vessel safety matters
  • Vetting of ships' monthly returns and plan vessels future requirements
  • Monitoring vessels survey status pertaining to deck, cargo gear, LSA and FFA equipment
  • Vetting of charts and publications requisitions
  • Verify that the maintenance is being carried to in accordance to the PMS
  • Liaise with Masters on charts / publications updating navigational issues
  • Inform vessels of National, Class International regulations and rules in force
  • Inform vessels of Company's policy and regulations in force
  • Liaise with Masters on maintenance of LSA / FFA equipment
  • Provide Masters with navigational information where required.

Requirements :

  • COC Class 1 Deck Officer for the Superintendent position
  • COC Class 2 or 3 Deck Officer for the Executive position
  • Proficient in report writing and Microsoft Programs

To apply, please send resume to